Get Data from Excel

HI all,

I am a beginner to RPA. Please guide me to fix an issue related to my project.

From a web application and a webpage I have extracted three data and the output is set as variables.
In an excel file- I have all this data pre-entered.
Matching all the data in a raw will give me an unique data and lets name that column as “Result”.
How can I connect my UI Path studio with this excel file.

  1. I need to get the value from result column when all three data extracted from web matches.

Appreciate if you can provide any guidance.

with the activity read range you can read an excel table. this works with scope as well as without. But the excel should be closed otherwise an error will be thrown.

Then you use a ForEach-Loop to iterate over the single rows and use the activity Get-Item to get the correct column value. Inside the loop you then enter the value into your web page.

You can find detailed information about the settings of the activities in the UiPAth docs (right click on the activtiy and then on help).

Does this help you or did I misunderstand you?

Hi @MarioHerrmann
Thanks for the reply.

Let me try the above solution and will get back.

What I need is:

  1. I have three values extracted from web and is initialized as variables.
  2. I have an excel sheet with Four column( Value1, Value2, Value3, Result).
  3. I need to compare the three data from web with values inside the first three column of excel sheet.
    For eg:

I need to get the values in result column.

I would try to keep it simple. put the webVar in a collection and iterate over the collection and the dataRow

compare the Strings with Equals and in case of a match pack the value in result.
whereby I must confess I do not understand how the result comes with webVar and VarInCol.