Get data from excel, put it in web form and add an attachment. Any ideas?

Hi there, looking for some ideas.
I have an excel sheet with for example 10 lines and also 10 xml files.
The excel line is short info, the xml file is complete info for each line.
I want to open a case for each line in our web based workflow system and add metadata from the excel file. That works. However it only works for one line and not ten. Also, if the case is made I need to go to another tab and upload the xml file. Any ideas as how to do that. We have an upload button and then you have to browse to the xml file… Sorry if I am not clear enough of something and thanks in advance for any ideas!

Can you show us your workflow?

Yeah, but that part is working.

In 1 I fill a value and then press enter to search and then I make a case for the person that is found.
Also in the bottom I choose two values.
So far so good. When I am done I go to a part of the workflow where I have to upload a file:

When I press the button I get an explorer screen to upload a file…
I have a value that is part of the file from the excel sheet. So I would be looking for ‘valuesomething*.xml’ where the * stands for a random range of numbers…
However when I put in the ‘valuesomething*.xml’ it finds the file I need, but pressing okay does not upload it because It is not the exact name…