Get data from each row in web

<html app='chrome.exe' title='Beacon - Dallas County, IA - Comp Results' <webctrl id='ctlBodyPane_ctl01_ctl01_gvwComCompResults_ctl02_lnkParcelID' tag='A' aaname='0209233006' /

@sushmithaelluru OK, Now use For Each Row and Assign that Datatable After Filtering with the query I provided
Inside that use this Click Activity

@sushmithaelluru The Selector is in this file :
Selector.txt (202 Bytes)

Yeah, can you please send the screenshot of selector , we are not able to paste here the complete selector!

@sushmithaelluru Check the File given above :sweat_smile:

Selector not found!!

@sushmithaelluru OK . Close the UiExplorer.
In the Selector Property of Click , Without Opening the Selector Clear it.
Then Open the Selector, It Should be Empty.
Then Paste the Selector that i have provided

Yeahh… ok

Getting the selector not valid again :upside_down_face:

@sushmithaelluru Can you send me the xaml? :sweat_smile:

@sushmithaelluru Can you refer this post : :sweat_smile:, It is a bit lengthy to describe , Hence I’m Sharing a post related to that

It might be useful to you.

Yes I have done the same. But don’t know why getting selector not valid. Can you please look into the xaml I am doing now.

_Test.xaml (41.4 KB)

@sushmithaelluru Can you use Click activity and Indicate the Parcel ID again and also Select aaname in the UiExplorer and then send the xaml. Then I will alter the Selector and send it

Ok!! sure.

_Test.xaml (41.3 KB)