Get data from each row in web

@sushmithaelluru Then the Excel File that I provided Also gives the rows which have Empty Date value right?

Yes @supermanPunch!!

@sushmithaelluru Then are you able to Click the Values in the web page According to the Parcel ID’s in the Excel? :sweat_smile:

The Excel Sheet data is which I have data scraped it. And Before clicking we need to handle this condition

If the sales date column value is empty, consider it and move to the further clicking Parcel ID.

@sushmithaelluru But why do you need to add that Condition, What happens if you just keep Clicking on Parcel ID’s present in the Excel?

Data.xlsx (20.3 KB)

This is the excel sheet got after extracting data. Which contains all Parcel ID’s.

@sushmithaelluru What about the Workflow which I sent you ? It was supposed to give you the Final Excel which you needed to use :sweat_smile: , Are you using it?
You only want the Latest Date row out of many rows which have the same Parcel ID right ?

Yes! but you didn’t share any workflow to me

@sushmithaelluru Oh Sorry for that :sweat_smile: , But I thought you were able to use the Linq Query and get the Output ? Didn’t you get the Output?

@sushmithaelluru This is the Workflow if you need it (29.8 KB)

Yeah sure thanks. Now I need to click for these parcel id’s, after using your query. But am struck at when we have sales date with null, how can we go to next parcel ID clicking

@sushmithaelluru Can you show me the part where you click on Parcel ID based on Excel Values :sweat_smile:

I mean I need to click the Parcel ID’s in the web portal for the grouped by filter data values, for below.

This is the web portal we have

@sushmithaelluru So you want to know , How to click those Parcel ID’s taking values from Excel ?

Yes @supermanPunch!!

@sushmithaelluru Ok, Try using Click Activity on one Parcel ID present in Web Page. And Show me the Selector of that Click Activity


@sushmithaelluru Can you open in UiExplorer and Show me the Selector Please :sweat_smile:

@sushmithaelluru Select aaname and send me the Selector, Or If you can make the aaname dynamic , you can do it by yourself :sweat_smile: