Get data from each row in web

Yeah but @supermanPunch, there we are having the id’s with different dates. There we need to pickup the latest date Parcel ID and proceed further clicking the Parcel ID.

That is the one I need to work on.

@sushmithaelluru Then After you Extract the Datatable, you’ll need to Filter the Datatable to Keep the rows containing Latest Date. But what do you mean by the Latest Date? :sweat_smile:

Latest date means! there if we will have three different dates , among them need to take the latest one of Parcel ID… :slightly_smiling_face:

@sushmithaelluru Ok, That might be a Little Complicated but it is Achievable, It will take time :sweat_smile:

Yeah Yeah…

Which filter we can use here!!

@sushmithaelluru I don’t think it’s as Simple as that :sweat_smile: , You can try though and Check

Okk. thanq

@sushmithaelluru can you change the date format to yyyy/mm/dd ? If so, then you can sort by the data column and the latest one will be at the top. Then go through the data table row by row, while making sure not to use the same ID twice.

@sushmithaelluru Before you do any of the Datatable Solution, Make sure you are getting the ID value and Date value in the Selector of Click Activity, If that is not possible , then something else needs to be done :sweat_smile:

Okk @JacobJ.

Ok… will look into that @supermanPunch

@sushmithaelluru Use this query After Data is Extracted from Web Page and Assign it to the same Datatable
This Should give you the rows which contains Only the Latest Date.

(From p In DT.AsEnumerable() Group By x= New With { Key.a =p.Item(“Parcel ID”)} Into Grp = Group Select dt.LoadDataRow (New Object() {grp(0)(0), grp(0)(1),grp(0)(2),Grp.AsEnumerable.Max(Function (r) if(String.IsNullOrEmpty(r(“SaleDate”).toString) Or String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(r(“SaleDate”).toString),Nothing,Cdate(r(“SaleDate”)))),grp(0)(4),grp(0)(5),grp(0)(6),grp(0)(7),grp(0)(8),grp(0)(9),grp(0)(10),grp(0)(11)},False)).CopyToDataTable

Also were you able to get the Selector for Click Activity with Date and ID values? :sweat_smile:

Hey @supermanPunch, thanks for this. Can you please explain it once in brief about the query.

@sushmithaelluru The Query Takes the Datatable and Groups it by the “Parcel ID” column,So in this way Only Unique ID’s will be present in the Datatable. Then I’m including those GroupedBy rows by Taking Maximum Date as the Sales Date which is done by Max function and I’m Handling the Empty values using if statement.
My Explaination May not be too much of understanding , but if you learn about Linq querie you’ll get to know :sweat_smile:

Ok, thanks for explaining… And is it not possible other than linq Query!?

Hey @JacobJ, can you explain the idea you mentioned…

Hey @supermanPunch, for some parcel id’s we are having empty sales date. So in that case which condition works out!

@sushmithaelluru That Depends on what you want to do for that case ? :sweat_smile:

In that case, am asking that need a linq query for this below condition.

Even if the sales date column value is empty, consider it and move to the further clicking Parcel ID.