Get data from each row in web

Hi Team,

I got the requirement, where I need to click each ID and which directs to another page and need to extract some data there.

So I need to click each ID where there will be almost above 100 ids. So do I keep for each logic … and do further extracting data in it!!
Is this logic will be fine!

The above one is the next page after clicking ID.

Thanks in advance.

@sushmithaelluru Can you show me the url of the Site of the Summary Page ?

Hi @supermanPunch, thanks for replying.

@sushmithaelluru The url contains the ID value as well. You can see after KeyValue=

@sushmithaelluru Can you manually check by using some other ID value in place of that , and lets see if it gets loaded

Yes, I will try and let you know.

Yep, by changing the Id value in the link, it gets loaded and getting the changed ID information.

@sushmithaelluru Then I suggest Scraping the Datatable first, where you’ll get all ID values from Table. Then using for each and Navigate Activity you can use the URL+ ID from Datatable to Navigate to that ID’s Information and extract the values.

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OK, @supermanPunch. Try it and let you know how it is working!

Hey @supermanPunch, one doubt. After data scraping, am getting whole data. Now, as we are giving URL+ID… how can I assign ID’s value from data scraping to URL!?

@sushmithaelluru Can you send me the URL?


Kindly use “+” like shown below for passing Ids

Beacon - An error has occurred

@sushmithaelluru Inside Navigate Activity , use the Value :
Beacon - Dallas County, IA - Report: " row("ID”).ToString

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@sushmithaelluru Try:
Beacon - Dallas County, IA - Report” + string_KeyValue

Where ‘string_KeyValue’ is a variable that contains the current ID and should be updated in every iteration.

Ok, trying.

Hey @JacobJ, am getting as below after data scraping where I tried several times. Getting as below the output data with column names empty and no Parcel ID’s in it. :upside_down_face:

@sushmithaelluru Have you checked Add Headers while using Write Range Activity?

Yep. I did. I have done again the data scraping. Getting columns now.

@sushmithaelluru Good Going. Is your Problem Solved now? :sweat_smile: