Hi All,

i want to get data from citrix, but the position of data is not fixed. Sometime it’s in the center, sometime in middle, and up, down.
So. is there any solution for that.


Hi @dilsher_khan

Are you able to do ctrl c and ctrlv operations

can i have a view on that may be with a screenshot if possible
would like to see whether its in separate popup like a new window or within the current application or not
Cheers @dilsher_khan

Take entire screen and capture the text by OCR and find out your key word in the OCR output string.

Hi @dilsher_khan

If it is a Citrix inside terminal means u can use ctrl+ A Ctrl+c Ctrl+v and use copy to clipboard activity and print the variable


HI All, Thanks For Reply.

I have attached one screenshot, So that is citrix window, From where we have to check the first name and last name, there are 15 rows like lastname, firstname,empid, empstatus,grade etc, So have to check if any detail is missing.uierror

There are 1000+ entries and may be possible same First name and last name. when we are trying to Search the given First Name using Ctrl+F.
Then the position of text is not fixed sometime it appears in the bottom then middle or in starting of Xml window.

Hi @dilsher_khan
Based on the application can you use get attribute activity or save the content in the text file

Ashwin S

yeah but after download we have to again check for the user,
we have to search user with First name Smith and last name is Shelley.
there are so many entry with smith,
how we can find the correct one.
like 1st time we use ctrl+F and enter (Smith) then it shows 1st smith then we capture the firstname next to that particular lastname which shown after ctrl +F. using Cv Get text.
But the problem is that Cv get text need fixed position.
same thing happen here you don’t know where the exact location of firstname.
hope you understand my problem.