Get Cursor Value or Current Type from SAP application in Windows 10 Enterprise

I am trying to get the cursor current type or current value when using SAP. I try System.Windows.Forms.Cursor.Current and all I get every time is Cursor: WaitCursor. When I try System.Windows.Forms.Cursor.Current.GetHashCode.ToString I get a value for WaitCursor and it doesn’t change even when the cursor actually does change. I need to know how to get the value for the cursor no matter which program the focus is on.


Can you tell why you need it?

are you looking to check the load based on it?

rather on left bottom or right bottom we generally get a progress kind of bar


SAP does not have a progress bar in my version. Also, the wait times for when SAP is ready for the next step varies based on connection speed. When we click on something and there is a wait time we have a mouse pointer with a blue circle. When the system is ready the blue circle goes away. We already had a solution for this before the Windows vs Windows-Legacy compatibility came up. It worked great and returned numeric values based on when the blue circle was there and when it wasn’t. We were able to create code to wait until the blue circle was gone before trying the next step in the code so we weren’t riddled with delays throughout our code. Also, after searching for this topic, it seems that I’m not the only one who would like an activity in UiPath that returns either the current type, one that works mind you, or the current value so we can have the code wait until the system is ready before trying to move on. We also had a version of this code to wait for the system to actually be busy before checking.