Get current time and adding hrs+min

Hiiii guys,i have been trying to add current time like say for example now the current time is 11:25:33 in h:min:sec, now I want to add 11+25 and the output is 36 if it is even number it has show the message true if not false.

Try like this buddy

out_hours = Convert.ToInt32(now.ToString(“hh”))
out_mins = Convert.ToInt32(now.ToString(“mm”))
out_sum_value = out_hours+out_mins
in if condition like this
out_sum_value mod 2 = 0
If this condition pass it will go to THEN part of if condition which means is even or will go to else part means odd

Cheers @venkatmalla6


Did that work buddy @venkatmalla6

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How can I add my system time ?

now.ToString will give us the system time
Cheers @Ashika_Raj