Get Current Robot Schedules in the Orchestrator



I built a Robot which returns the current Schedule details of all Robots in the Orchestrator Tenant. This comes in very handy when deciding what times are free on a particular Robot to create a new Schedule.
The Orchestrator APIs used in it might be useful for reference.

The result is available in the Config.xlsx file in a new Worksheet - AllProcSchedules

Robot (15.0 KB)

Job Schedules - next run time
Robot schedules and Hourly chart

Hi Amrita,

I had a look over this but I can’t find it very handy to see when a robot is busy or not.
I would like to see the next times when a process will be triggered, according to the schedule, for next day, or next 10 days, for example.

I will look into this further.

  • We can use library to get the next n runs according to schedule - maybe would be good to have a custom activity as a wrapper for this library.
  • I see the output as a separate sheet for each robot.
  • Days per columns, hours per rows.

How to handle timezone?