Get Credentials: Error code 1002

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In the Practice 1 solution of the “Selectors in Studio”, it says we need to create a generic credential in Windows Control Panel.

I followed the instruction and the UiPath threws this error message:

Source: Get Credential
Message: Could not find the asset ''. Error code: 1002; Asset name:
Exception Type: UiPath.Core.Activities.OrchestratorHttpException

My solution is to login to and create a credential in Orchestrator > Assets > Add asset

In short, it seems we need to create the credential from UiPath Orcestrator, not Windows Control Panel for Studio 2022.4.3.

Hey @AndrewGuo

Yes of course. It should be created in the Orchestrator. You are trying to do something else ?


If you want to get the credentials stored in the Credential manager you can use Get-Credential activity.

In the exercise of this course it says creating generic credential in Windows and doesn’t mention Orchestrator and cause the error. That’s the reason I post this feedback.

The Get Credential Activity doesn’t work with Windows Credential anymore as I mentioned in this post.

So you mean to say you are creating a credential in the windows credential manager ?

Here is the step by step of the exercise

The step 2 Use Windows Credentials to login to ACME website. doesn’t work in this case.

Practice 1 - Get Data - Fine Tuning Selectors

Consider a scenario where you need to retrieve WIID and Description of first 10 rows from ACME and save the extracted data into a Data Table. In this scenario, the selector must be adjusted so that our workflow retrieves the WIID and its corresponding description from the first 10 rows. The workflow includes the following steps:

  • Change the design experience to Classic.
  • Use Windows Credentials to login to ACME website.
  • Login to the ACME website: ACME System 1 - Log In (
  • Click Work Items tab.
  • Use Get Text Activity to retrieve WIID and Description.
  • Modify the selectors.
  • Save the extracted data into a Data Table.
  • Display the retrieved data in an Excel sheet.

Output: An excel with the WIID and Description of the first 10 rows from the Work Items page.