Get credentials activity not returning credentials sometimes

I have encountered a pretty strange scenario which is as follows:

I have build a process in the RDP machine and I was assigned a username password to access that machine and work. Everything was fine until i gave my friend the username and password of RDP machine to test the process and when he ran the process everything failed at the login screen because it could’nt get the application credentials i stored in the orchestrator credentials. But when I re logged in the RDP to check what the issue is and ran the process it worked fine for me. Then we restarted the RDP machine and he tried again and it worked for him. Then just to confirm I tried and it was not working for me this time. We figured restarting the machine and then who ever runs the process first will be able to run it successfully.

Username/Password of RDP was same we were using so I dont know what the issue is. The RDP machine was same with same credentials. Just our locations were different and both of us were accessing RDP from different laptops.

Can you please confirm what could be the issue?


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@Palaniyappan @Pablito

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Is the RDP Connected directly from orchestrator or is connected via RDP wizard from a local server by the bot

May I know what was the error we were getting when ran from orchestrator

Cheers @rameezimtiaz

orchestrator is also inside RDP. The error is nothing. It just didnot return anything from get credentials activity so we do not procees to next screen and its selectors are missing and only get errors that selector missing

Fine buddy
Can you kindly elaborate the process like how it starts

—from where it is triggered
—where the error is validated and if possible kindly share that exception message

If the selector is issue have we enabled the RDP Extension

Cheers @rameezimtiaz

I just log into RDP. open studio. click run and go ahead with the process.
My friend logs into RDP using same credentials. doesnt need to open studio because i already opened it. click run and the process ends in just 30 seconds and failed at login.

I think the issue here is with the selector
Is it handled to work for dynamic selector with wild card symbol *

May what UI element the click activity is looking for
Kindly check whether simulate click is enabled or not, if the selector is handled for dynamic attribute values

Cheers @rameezimtiaz