Get Credential: Object reference not set to an instance of an object In reframework


@Manju_Reddy_Kanughula please check in config is there no space end of "IQS Login Credentials "

and also verify in orchestrator same asset is present.

check whether the folder name is provided , if not please provide the folder name of asset

Also make sure that the config variable has value in it? debug and use break point and check & make sure the config variable is not null

if it is not having value, make sure you have created the config as an input argument and the value to the argument is properly assigned at the invoke of the same workflow

Can u please explain clearly about folder name

you have to give the folder name , where your asset is stored in orchestrator

should i give the folder name in Config.

yes u can give in config, the name can be taken from the orchestrator

I have given!

see this is how you can give the folder name in settings sheet

use inconfig(“OrchestratorAssetNameFolderpath”).Tostring in the var panel

or you can just hardcode the value straightly in asset activity property panel