Get credential is throwin an error

Hi guys,

I have created a sequence to fetch credentials from orchestrator, but it is throwing error as

" Assetname cannot be empty", but I have given same which I have used in orchestrator.

Can you share your workflow? (3.1 KB)

please find the workflow

did you update asset name in the properties of Get Credentials

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yes… I hv uploaded workflow


Your variables are all empty. Check the variables tab where you store System1_credential and SHA1_URL, etc; they should contain the Asset name that you wish to retrieve.


hey @claytonM

I have put default values to them, but still receiving same error,

“Assetname cannot be null or empty”

please find the screenshot


Those default values should be strings. So if your Asset name in Orchestrator is “System1_Credential”, then put in “System1_Credential” (with quotations)

Without the quotes they are seen as variables, but those variables need a string stored in them to not be empty.


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thank you @ClaytonM…

its working