Get Credential Failed To Read XXXX From Credential Store Type Thycotic Secret Server Error Code 2304 Asset Name XXXX

Resolution when it is not possible to retrieve Asset from Thycotic Server.


For Automation Cloud,

  1. Make sure the Thycotic Credential Store is added. Tenant--->Credential Stores
  2. Select the default store for Robots and Assets.

Issue Description: While accessing Get Credential on Studio, "Get Credential Failed to read XXXX from Credential Store type Thycotic Secret Server Error code 2304 Asset name: XXXX" is thrown.

Resolution: Steps to follow,

How to make sure that user configured in the access rule has access to read the secret

  1. Check if a rule is configured in Client Onboarding (example below: Orchestrator-Test client having Orchestrator-Test user account)

  1. Check if the secret is shared with the actual user account. Also, if a robot1-secret is present inside RobotCredentials folder.

  1. Check if the folder / folder inheritance permissions does not block the user account reading the secret. It will work ( configure it based on your security policies):

It will not work if Secret Permissions is set to NONE or if the user account permission is missing at folder level:

Note: Double-check with your security department what’s the best policy to be applied for sharing Thycotic credentials. The above-mentioned scenario is just an example.