Get counter to reset between transactions


We have an automation process that has a counter. The counter counts rows in a datatable, allowing the entry of transactions to be placed in the correct position.
The problem occurs when the robot receives more than one file at a time, then the counter will not reset.

The input file is stored in an orchestrator queue, and is obtained from an excel file in outlook.

How can I get the counter to reset when changing the input file?

Thank you in advance!

Hello @PrincessSof,

the best way would be to separate each file as a separate transaction. Isn’t it possible? :slight_smile: If not, we’d have to create a condition that would state: if the file path/name/whatever changes then Assign Index = 0.



Hi @artur.stepniak,

Thank you for your answer.
We have diffenrent id-numbers in the excel sheet as seperate transactions for the automation process. I don’t think I understand how that is possible?
The only problem with file path etc. is that there is no standard filename or filepath for the spesific file.


not sure if I understand correctly - you’re using Excel rows as process transactions, right?

yeah, that’s correct! :slight_smile:

How is it possible then that the robot receives more than one file at a time?


If you can share some screens explaining your issue, then that will be helpful to understand your issue

But as far I know is that you are using the counter and counter is counting the rows of the datatable, but why don’t you use the For Each row activity and declare a Variable for Index property which will act as a counter only

So to understand the input file if you can provide a sample file then it will be helpful to understand

Hope this may help you