Get columns from excel and convert it

Hi everybody.

I have a task and I’m a little bit lost since I’m new to this.

I have many excel files and they are filled with many rows and columns.
I need to get only certains columns. I need to put these on a word file and then convert it on a PDF file.

Actually what I did is:
Sequence-> Open excel app scope → read range-> for each row → assign for all the colums I need(???)
→ open word app scope-> export to pdf

As you can see I think I missed some steps. Also I really don’t know how can I do for ony certins columns, I created variables with the name of the colums I need but I don’t know if it’s right.
Thank you for helping me.



To copy the data to clipboard from excel that you use the blow activity. And then you can perform the paste function inside the word.


Thanks for you answer @balupad14 , but it’s copying all the sheet right? how can I select only the columns that I want?

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Hi @lukb,

In the cell Range. You can specify the data range.


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@lukb Check below for selecting different columns from datatable at once

Datatable dt1 = originalDt.DefaultView.ToTable(False,“Column1”,“Column2”,…)

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i finally found out, thanks for your help guys, it was helpful

@lukb you have to use assign activity outside for loop