Get Column value wrt get attribute using linq

Could anyone help me with below scenario.
I want to get column “VRID” values wrt attribute “data-status-text” using Linq.

I implemented code to get attribute values , i am unable to get column wrt to it or viceversa.

Please suggest on this issue.
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is findscope set to Find_Descendants?
to which element is set the selector of find children?
is the output from find children empty or filled?

check also, if the info can also be extracted with data scraping. for custom adapations have a look here:

This one didnt help checked already.

Yes, Findscope set to Find Descendants.
i set the selector to find “data-status-text” - "Trailer not yet Assigned " not to the Column value “114JNXP4Y”.
I am getting the output for find children .its not empty.

check for single element from findchildren if attribute is offered and also filled. you can do it within the immediate panel

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Kindly check once by debugging or in UI-Explorer like which property exactly the value is coming from !


we would recommend debugging and inspections within the debug panels:

in the imediate panel you can also check the LINQ

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So you wanna extract 114JNX that value from the element ?

yes @Nithinkrishna

Hey @Satish_Ch

I believe Get Text is the GoTo solution for the same.


Hi @Satish_Ch ,

Could you let us know if the filter Property was modified or was it the Actual filter after you have performed the Indication ?

If it was modified, Could you Re-Indicate the Element again using Find Children Activity, then open the Selector in UiExplorer and send a Screenshot of it. Check what would be the Output of Find Children and it’s values at this stage.

If the result data is not expected then we could check the Element which contains the list of it’s sub elements in UiExplorer and mark it as our target element and check if this works.

I have modified the filter in Find children as per the scenario.

I have to get column values for all the rows without for loop