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I have a task where i should filter a column-based on the priority and read the related mail id for the given priority. For example, if my priority is high i should read all mail id that has highDatabase.xlsx (11.5 KB) . I have attached my database can anyone help me how to do this


you could convert the Database into Datatable on priority basis i.e. convert them into mini-DataTable

Saying so, I see only three priority level… Just run the data table on these condition

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Thanks for your reply…I am not using data table i am only using excel file

that’s ok, converting excel to data-table is a lot faster!!! Just read the excel and convert them into the Data-table and use that for reference.

If you want, I can look into only by using excel file, but that would be quite lengthy I’ll say

Thank for your reply… How to get a particular value in your excel file…

You will need to do front end work on that… If you want I can share the workflow I am suggesting


send your workflow dude…

Please find the attached workflow for reference!!! (21.0 KB)

Do let me know in case of issue.

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