Get Color And send Mail to Leads

If the Color Is red in 1st Sheet Then send the Mail to that Project Lead …
The Project Lead List available in 2nd sheet…
Please Help…

Hai @Shubham_Akole
1.Use Excel Application Scope , Use all necessary activities like read range and for each row,
2.use Get cell color activity to get the color of the cell, u need to give range of the cell that u want to use… (Billed Percentage’s Range)
3.Finally Use if condition feed condition like Billed percentage.Background_color==(“Red”)
In then filed use Send SMTP mail message
To send mail to the project leads
The Sample Workflow attached here👇 (8.1 KB)

But the mail addressed is available in Second excel file

@Shubham_Akole…Merge 2 excel sheets
You can read both excel sheets, let’s name them dt1 and dt2, use Write Range dt1 on the new excelsheet (excel sheet 3), then use Append Range using dt2 as your input on the same excel sheet. Then create separate variable for mail I’d containing coloumn and pass in onto To field of send SMTP mail message.
For more details👇

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it is possible to send mail without creating new file…

@Shubham_Akole… If u create new file, it will be better