Get Cirillic string from email body

I trying to get any words from email body, like “Добър Ден Ученици” and I want to displaying in Message box.

  • getting mail body in variable - MailBody
  • using twо Assign activity : in first to variable Note - Note=MailBody.toString
    in second Note=System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match(Note,"(?<=Sender:)([\p{Cyrillic}A-Za-z0-9,.-]+.[\p{Cyrillic}A-Za-z0-9,.-]+.[\p{Cyrillic}A-Za-z0-9,.-]+)").Value

To this point every thing is OK, but Message box is empty.
If I use string on english it’s working of course i using another Regex - (?<=Sender:)([\w]+.[\w]+.[\w]+)

How i can display cyriilic words in Message box

I found solution. So, I used Write text file and Reade text file activities. For the same i’m inputting “windows-1251” in Encoding fild. The text file is like buffer and Regex string is applaying on text file (variable for text file.)

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