Get Chats Activity in Uipath

This Topic is related to using Teams activities in Uipath and send a message to a specific Team Member

I’m using the activity “Get Chats” to retrieve the list of chats from Teams and then send a message directly to a member in teams, after recognizing the ‘’ (activity “get Chat Member”)

The Issue I’m facing: the list from “Get Chats” is limited to the very recent days. And I did not find a parameter that limits this extraction. Any help? I need to get the information of all the past chats I have in Teams

Thx in advance

Hey @avaccaro

Could you please show the activity screenshot or the props ?


The activity “Get Chats” is available after you download the Package “UIPATH.Microsoft.Teams.Activities”

The issue I Have is not on the functionality of the activity per se. The documentation in Uipath says it will retrieve “all chats” in Teams. What I see is a very limited list of recent chats.

I guess with the current version of activities this is what we can do.

Thank you @Nithinkrishna
Just surprised as the official UIPATH site mention this.

Yep, But of course there should be something. So wrt your issue you are not getting the last chat item which is required ?

Is that correct please ?

@Nithinkrishna I get a very limited list of chats from the activity “Get Chats” instead of “all

The list should be complete because then the flow works with recognizing the member id, identify the Chat id and then use it to send a message.

Okay so did you check the count of the messages you get ?

I did a few extraction and I do not think the number is the same. I account about 20 chats or around 80 rows (for Row, I intend the row of the array extracted from the activity “Get chats”)
Example: a teams chat with a single user will be 2 rows (1 row with my user, 1 row for the other user); a chat with multiple team member will generate a row for each Tm + 1 row with my user.

So you are saying you are getting only 20recent chats ?

Anyway you only need the last recent message right ?

@Nithinkrishna no, with GET CHATS I should get the whole list of chats (see Uipath documentation I posted above). Ans i need the complete list.
With “Get Chat Member” activity it’s possible then to obtain the “” that is actually the identifier of the chat (not of the user) to then send the message.
That why the list from GET CHATS should be complete.

Okay I agree.

But what’s your usecase please…

To reply to each and every chat conversation?

It’s not pertinent to the resolution of the issue. The issue is why “GET CHATS” is not retrieving the list of ALL pre-existing chats, not how they are used