Get Cell Color without header

Hello guys, how can I use Get Cell Color without using header? Just like Read Range activity… Thank you!

Hey @Ionut_Frincu

There is a

Get Cell Color Activity

u can use that to get the color of the specified cell.



You can use Get Cell Color activity to get the color of the cell. Just you need to specify Cell range and sheet name.

Hello @lakshman, I need to read the color of each row from an excel’s column and iterate one by one as long as the row contains a string without taking the header. How can I do this ? Thanks!



Sorry I didn’t get you.

Could you please show me some sample data and tell me what you want to do with that. So that I can help you better in this.

I need to create an flow which reads the values of a row from 3 columns only the background of the row is not green. I need this flow to loop unlimited because i need to complete the excel while running the flow. Thank you!

Any answers to this? I need the same functionality