Get Cell Address of non empty cell in column in Excel

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Is there any way where we can get Cell address of last cell in last column.

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Hi @Pramod_Bharat_Mangale ,

Could you Specify what is the Cell Address that you are specifying ?

The Cell Name in Excel ? Like A1, B4 … ?

@Pramod_Bharat_Mangale ,

You Could Try Checking the Below Post :

It’s not the Exact case, but we can derive your Solution From the Steps and Expression mentioned.

Hi @Pramod_Bharat_Mangale ,

Could you give this a try?


But if you meant to say the cell in the botton right corner, then you could give this a try →


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Ashwin A.K

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If we go with dt.Rows.Count-1, then we are getting last cell as E6 which is not actual last cell, it is E8 in my sheet. So instead of -1 when I tried +1, so code will be :


I am getting desired Output that is E8.

Thank you

Hi @Pramod_Bharat_Mangale ,

Ah yes, my mistake.
I forgot to factor in the fact that the header is not considered, so yes we have to add one.

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

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