Get Attribute: Visibility returning 0 even though the element is visible

I want the robot to proceed only if a certain element is visible on the screen.
I was initially using Element Exists but this returns true even when the element is hidden or not visible as long as the browser/window has the element on it.

In my case, it needs to be visible on the screen, so I switched to Get Attribute: “Visibility”, but it is returning 0 even though the element is visible!

When I open UiExplorer, I can see that the element’s property (Visibility: 1), so I don’t understand why it is returning 0.

Is there any possible cause?

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Hi @tomato25,

Please use Attached window inside element exist and when you spy the element press f4 it will work exact boolean result.

Below is example i am detect model popup present or not
1)Before run process you need to open this url in browser because i am using attach window in my process

2)Run the process you will get false because model dialog not present.
3)Click launch button in below and run process again it will detect model popup and return true

4)You can check close popup and again run process it will return false.

popupdetect.xaml (5.9 KB)

Omkar P

Same problem here.
It seems to change depended on which of my two monitors he browser window is in. Weird.
I guess a work around is to write to the field and then Get Text, to check if anything got written.