Get Attribute - Visibility on a VM running on a server


I’m posting today with a question about the activity ‘Get Attribute’, ‘visibility’.

I’m using the activity in a workflow after I use a search function on a website. I need to determine whether there are any search results. The reason for this activity is that, when no results are found, a text element is visible saying e.g. ‘No results found’. The difficulty here is that when search results are returned, this text element still exists but is not visible.

This solution works well when I run from studio, however I will be running this process from Orchestrator and it will execute on a Virtual Machine. The process will be run from a UiRobot installed on the VM so the execution will essentially be as if it’s running on a desktop. There is no image automation. I have been doing some testing using the VM and have discovered that the flow is executing incorrectly, based on the result of ‘Get Attribute’, ‘visibility’.

Is it possible to use this activity for this purpose on a VM ? Or because the process is not executing ‘visibly’, will the ‘Get Attribute’, ‘visibility’ activity always return ‘1’ a.k.a. not visible?

Thanks in advance.

You can go to your robot settings in Orchestrator and set the “Login to Console” property to True. This should make the screen “visible” to the robot. This should make it run as intended.


Hi Daniel,

This suggestion appears to have worked, thank you for the reply!

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