Get Attribute Error handling

I use Get Attribute activity to get a row number matching with a line number to input values in SAP.
The robot first read an excel file to get line numbers and other information, and look for a row number in SAP using one of the line numbers with Get Attribute activity.

Sometimes, line numbers in excel do not exist in SAP. In that case, Get Attribute activity can’t find a value of line number, and it will error out.

I want to skip that line when Get attribute activity can not find the value of a line number and proceed with the next line within the same widow. It is a loop. I tired using Continue activity but for my process, it is not a good choice because the robot saves at the end of an iteration, so if I use Continue activity it will skip the save step. I just want to skip entering a line if Get Attribute activity can not find a value.
Here’s the selector of Get Attribute activity. It look for a text of a line number.

How do I handle the error?

Can you try using “Element exists” or “check App state” activity before get attribute
and add a if condition and assign it to the Boolean result from element exists, you can add all activity to be performed in positive case in then block and in else block you can give the steps to skip and save.

Hi @yesterday
You can use try catch activity around the get attribute and inside your loop, if an error is thrown you can log a message and it will pass to the next iteration