"Get Attribute" and "Click" take longer on website

We are using Get attribute and Click activities on a website, but it is taking a very long time.

We are using a website where we can see a one-year calendar. Each date has a checkbox, whether that’s checked or unchecked. We read calendar data from an Excel sheet, and if a certain date says “Check”, the robot has to check a checkbox for that date on the website, and same goes for “Uncheck”.

The process works fine without any error, and it checks/unchecks the checkbox of the corresponding date on the website, but it just takes forever.

What I am doing is, for each date on the website, it first checks the state of the checkbox by using Get Attribute’s Checked property. If it says True, we know it is checked, and we know what to do with it. If Excel says check for this date, then I have to check it using Click activity.

At first towards the beginning of the calendar, it does the job pretty fast, like 30-60ms for Get Attribute, and 100-200ms to check/uncheck the checkbox.
However, as the calendar date goes down, like say October, November, December, it gets really slow, and Get Attribute takes 2-3 seconds, and checking/unchecking also takes 3-4 seconds, and it takes a total of 5-8 seconds for processing one date.

Why does it take this long? Is there any way to make this fast because it takes 20 min - 30 min for this whole calendar, and it is way too long.

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