Get Asset - With wildcard

I am trying to use Get Asset but only want the first part of the string to be sought as the end will change from DEV, QA, PROD. How can I get the asset by looking for only the first part of the asset SessionID-Automation#1 and not the full SessionID-Automation#1-DEV?

I would use a variable and set it up with the environment prior to the get asset with an assign, then utilize the variable in the asset field of the get asset activity.

environment = “dev”
theAsset = “SessionID-Automation#1” + environment

Hope this helps!


After use Get Asset, you will asset value from orchestrator then use below expression:

Asset = assetValue.split("-".TocharArray)

RequiredAsset = Asset(0)+"-"+Asset(1)

Thanks so much, lakshman. It worked perfectly!

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