Get Asset - Unable to read value of existing Asset

Hello everybody!
I have created a global Asset of type Boolean in the Orchestrator. I created it from the folder “Shared”. When I try to read the asset in my process, I get an exception. (My process has a try-catch. In the try the asset is read out. In the Catch for System.Exception as well as in the Final there are corresponding log activities so that you can see if the reading of the asset was successful or not. I have published the process on Default folder and started it from the Orchestrator) I guess, I need to specify the correct path in the activity “Get Asset”. So far I have tried the following values for the path: Nothing specified, empty string, “/”, “./…/Shared”, “…/Shared” and “/Shared”. No success. Any hint for me? Thanks a lot.
PS1: I am using current version 2020.10.2, Enterprise Cloud Trial.
PS2: The exception messages says something like “… no asset found with this name…” for empty paht or “… the folder does not exist …” for all other paths.
PS3: I am the one and only Administrator user on that Orchestrator.
PS4: I copied the asset name from orchestrator to my robot (i.e. no tipos).
Thank you for your hints!

Have you also tried with just “Shared”?

Thank you, phaserescu, for your reply.
I had not tried it. Unfortunately, “Shared” does not work either: Error 1100, … Folder does not exist. :frowning:
More ideas?

Is the robot provisioned in the shared folder? I believe the robot and the asset need to be in the same folder to be able to retrieve the asset. Additionally, Is the robot in a classic folder or a modern folder. I believe only robots in modern folders are the only cases where they can have data passed from a folder they are not part of.

Hello HarveyC, thank you for your answer. I have not found how to publish my robot in the “Shared” folder. However: I have created an asset in the “Default” folder, where my package is published, and this asset can now be read from the process.
Thanks a lot!

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