Get Asset: Unable to connect to the remote server

I have a process that worked fine today but when it ran again 3 hours later it failed at an Get Asset activity with the error “Unable to connect to the remote server”. The robot is connected to orchestrator and I can start the process from orchestrator.

Any ideas why this might happen?

Hi there @michael.schiller welcome to UiPath community,

Well, seems like a network issue occurred at that precise moment (if I have to take a guess) but here is what you can do to possibly mitigate that.

  1. Either give enough timeout
  2. Have retries to get assets with a lesser timeout
  3. Both 1 & 2 (If the network is too spotty)

Try and let me know whether the issue persists. :slight_smile:

Well, to just say it is a “network issue” is making an assumption. I too have encountered this same exact issue. We engaged both Microsoft and UiPath to perform logging and tracing in order to try and identify the root cause of this issue.
As for Networking, neither Microsoft nor our Network Admin found any issues with out Network. All Traffic was making it to Orchestrator.
Orchestrator seems to be at the heart of the issue, but UiPath was never able to point to anything definitive nor provide any fix, only the “workaround” as described above.
We were on version 18.4.3 and never had this issue. It was not until we migrated to version 19.10.4 that we started to see the issue occur. We just not upgraded to version 2020.10.4 and was hoping that might resolve the issue, but again, it did not.
Not sure if this is all related to Robot-to-Orchestrator communication protocols such as Long Polling or SignalR, but something is going in with Orchestrator, that is for sure.
I can just be sitting, logged into Orchestrator Dashboard with my Browser and all of a sudden, will see messages pop-up in red telling me “unable to connect to server” and then I have to refresh the browser.
Wondering given Orchestrator is running under IIS, if it is some IIS setting…or something internal to Orchestrator…?


i have the same problem.

Hi, did you find any solution,please?

Sorry, no - not really. So far they any advice or guidance that I have been given is to delete Log Entries and maybe Queue Entries.

Note: even after deleting entries in various SQL Tables, we still are encountering sporadic issue with connections. It seems be to specific to Orchestrator to either SQL Instance or Identity Server. Could be a time-out issue maybe within IIS, but that is just my guess.

Reference the following Page: Maintenance Considerations