Get Asset Activity : Copy & Paste results in "Malfunction with No Error" in the Activity at Runtime


I spent about 30 minutes to figure out what might be causing my UI automation to fail. It has been traced to the following in the development process:

  1. Add a new Get Asset activity , and configure it to fetch an asset value
  2. Run the automation and prove that the asset value has been indeed retrieved as expected
  3. Next Copy-Paste the working Get Asset activity & update it to fetch another Asset value
  4. In this case both Asset types are of type Int32 & they are in the same Orchestrator folder
  5. Run the automation, it executes & completes but the second Get Asset activity consistently returns ZERO! :neutral_face:

If the Get Asset activity is copy-pasted and repurposed, it fails to work with no error

Delete the copy-pasted activity and create a new Get Asset step by dragging an Asset from the Activities Panel

Why is this a Bug?

  1. It malfunctions without throwing any errors making the issue very hard to troubleshoot - no one would expect that a simple copy-paste action is the cause of this defect! :neutral_face:
  2. We have copy-pasted Get Asset activities in older versions of Studio supporting .net4, and there were no problems

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