Get Asset Activity : Copy & Paste results in "Malfunction with No Error" in the Activity at Runtime


I spent about 30 minutes to figure out what might be causing my UI automation to fail. It has been traced to the following in the development process:

  1. Add a new Get Asset activity , and configure it to fetch an asset value
  2. Run the automation and prove that the asset value has been indeed retrieved as expected
  3. Next Copy-Paste the working Get Asset activity & update it to fetch another Asset value
  4. In this case both Asset types are of type Int32 & they are in the same Orchestrator folder
  5. Run the automation, it executes & completes but the second Get Asset activity consistently returns ZERO! :neutral_face:

If the Get Asset activity is copy-pasted and repurposed, it fails to work with no error

Delete the copy-pasted activity and create a new Get Asset step by dragging an Asset from the Activities Panel

Why is this a Bug?

  1. It malfunctions without throwing any errors making the issue very hard to troubleshoot - no one would expect that a simple copy-paste action is the cause of this defect! :neutral_face:
  2. We have copy-pasted Get Asset activities in older versions of Studio supporting .net4, and there were no problems

Studio Version:


Current Package Stack:

Hi @AndyMenon

I’ve tried to reproduce this on a new version of the System activity package and I couldn’t anymore (I tested it on both Windows and Cross Platform projects).

I will mark this one as Completed, given that the bug is most likely fixed by now.

Please let me know if you are still experiencing the issue though, and we’ll have another look :slight_smile:

Hello @loginerror,

I will post status here if I run into issues.

Thanks for the update.