GET API: Not able to get specific attribute value from the Json object

I am exploring API’s and want to save all attribute value.


I have got the all items list but i want to fetch only specific item from the json object.
This has 6 list of items and want to save all the values. Please suggest me. How can I get the specific value from the List Item.

Try like below,

After Deserialize JSON, Let assume the output variable JSON_Ouptut.
if you want to get id, then use JSON_Output("id").ToString

Try the sample below,

@kuppu_samy: Please have a look on API and my xaml file.

I have tried but it shows me error. Attaching my xaml file. Main.xaml (9.8 KB)

Please find the sample file attached. Main.xaml (8.9 KB).

Hope you would have find the solution!

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Thanks for your quick reply. Have you any testing Api’s which have multiple files for download.
(Actually there is a scenario to download each files through API’s and store into a folder)

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