Get all text from a drop down from citrix environment


Is there any way to read the all the text of a multi select box from an citrix environment? I used get text and it returns only visible text
Its something like below image. Using get text is returning only 4 values which are visible and not all the elements.


Kindly suggest.

hi @DineshManivannan

Use Get Attribute Activity and use the property as “title”

Ashwin S

If you have UiPath Studio installed on a local machine, and are trying to remotely automate a process, get attribute shouldn’t work, since it will only get the attribute of the citrix client window. Unfortunately there are not very many options for getting everything, so your best bet would be to use the get text activity, and then send a down key to iterate through the text, and stop when there are no new entries to be added to the list.