Get Active Element

Hi All,

I request an Activity to getActiveElement that is highlighted, or in use in the user interface.
it should return it’s selector or the uielement itself when invoked without the need to use find children and compare and other time taking workarounds, just like get active window but instead returns the element in that window.

When we use the browser or SAP elements we navigate using the tab key and we iterate over many objects to get to the element we need after we navigate, we use no selectors to click or to type the element, instead we could get the active element and use it as the selector.

if we can get the element that is currently highlighted by tab key or that is active we can use it in multiple scenarios below are some use cases.

1 )The element is generated after the website is loaded.
2) where there is Flash based applications.
3) where there are no selectors or similar selectors.
4) where the data is redundant and only the position matters.

If there is any way to get the active element which is already built, please point it out.
So far I still face this issue a lot.