Get Action Items from UiPath Orchestrator

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We have a process where we are reading the scanned document using Document Understanding and sending the extracted values to Action center in Orchestrator.

Is there any method to pick the Action items that got validated from orchestrator ?

Hi @kapadamuday.reddy
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Action Center is designed to redirect work that needs manual input, usually verification of data, e.g. data extracted from an invoice like in your case.

A few keywords that you need to research are:

  1. Long Running Workflows
    Go to the above URL and scroll down the the “Long Running Workflows” section.
  2. Persistence Activities
    The activities you’re looking for are UiPath.Persistence.Activities
    These activities have features that enable your robot to wait for a manual action to complete and resume automatically.

This is enabled through Supports Persistence option in Project Settings:

Finally, I ABSOUTELY recommend checking this template out:

It’s released very recently and has everything you need for an Action Center enabled framework.

Hi @kapadamuday.reddy,

Yes when action center is used for document understanding tasks, its doc/results are uploaded in storage bucket, you can always refer the same or even have it downloaded into your local machine.

Also for deeper understanding on how this can be achieved/linked, please refer playlist(below link) by @Lahiru.Fernando on same. Its knowledge packed !!! I refer these every now and then for DU related stuff.

Furthermore, as suggested by @RPAForEveryone in above post, please refer DU template, this would be helpful.



@RPAForEveryone @sonaliaggarwal47 Thanks for your suggestions.

In my case, I want to build 2 bots such that 1st bot will update all the action items to orchestrator and 2nd bot need to pick the validated values from Orchestrator.

Is that possible?

Hi @kapadamuday.reddy,

Could you please define your requirement clearly? You mean to say you just want to create action items in action center and once these are completed, you want another bot to pick these up for processing?


Exactly @sonaliaggarwal47.

The 1st bot will create action items in action center and the items which are completed should be picked by 2nd bot for processing

The purpose of Action Center is to enable Human in the Loop, that is to get manual input when needed and let the robot do the rest.

If your requirement is to hand over tasks from one robot to another - without involving humans - there are several ways to implement that. And one of the most efficient ways is to do it through Queues.

At the end of execution for Process 1, add a Queue Item to a queue monitored by Process 2. That should give you the model you need.

Hi @kapadamuday.reddy,

If you have modern folders enabled, this is how it works.
Once tasks are created in action center, bot is released from that task so it can pick any other process for execution.

Now when those tasks are completed in action center, any bot available can pick that up for processing.

But if you specifically require an item to be picked up by another, you can create model wherein item is created in queue and picked up for processing, when its done in action center.

Refer below links/videos for orchestration process:

Also, you can refer snippets section in uipath studio:

Furthermore, there is a training on UiPath academy on orchestrator process details along with sample projects/solutions. You might find that useful, below link to that course:

Hope this helps.


Hi @kapadamuday.reddy

I believe there are multiple ways of achieving this.
Our friend @RPAForEveryone also explained a few methods that you can try out…

Also, you can think about the following approach as well…

  1. You have one process that extract the data and create the action in Action Center. The same process can be executed asynchronously for multiple documents so documents get processes parallel.

  2. Once the wait is over (when the action is complete) you can resume the process and hand over the data to another process by adding an item to a queue.

How you trigger the second process:
You can also think of using the Queue trigger option that triggers the second process whenever there is a new item available.

Just want to make a note that, always try to keep the DU process separate and connect multiple processes through Queues or any other medium. It helps to keep the process simple and straightforward :slight_smile:

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