Get a second active window on a desktop application

Hello everyone,

My app take 50 seconds to open, when, it opens it appears an other little window .
I want to click on a botton on this little window.
I tried to use many activities such as “Get Active Window” and “find element” but it doesn’t work.
I used the"On Element Appear" activity and i get this error.
Could you please help me.
PS: I’m trying to automate a desktop app.


@enchirah_maatki Can you show us the Selector of the Little Window in UiExplorer? Also the Selector of the other Active Windows?


now with this info some more insights are given to us.
Opening the application and taking X/50 Seconds to load can let fail to Bot in subsequents steps as the default timeouts are reached. In such scenario the Bot is to synchronized with the application.

Such a synchronizing can be done with

  • retry scope activity
  • a custom implementation in combination of
    • For each (Enumerable.Range(1, NoOfRetries).toList
    • element exists, or find children, … a part that is looking for the loaded application
  • an evaluation if the app is loaded and stopping the loop
  • a delay to pause the iteration
  • optional exception throwing in case of maximum of retries is reached

the difference of retry scope and the custom implementation is:

  • retry scope can only use some specific activites for the condition check, but is doing a lot out of the box
  • the custom implementation gives you more control on handle the synchronization step

Thank you guys the problem is solved.

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