Get a new excel which is matched value after compare the two excel

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there are two excels which contains different title. but they have two same titles. I want to get a new excel by comparing the two excels(condition: based on the same title). how could do it??
any help? thank you!

You can get the titles of two excels and store it into 2 DataTables.
Loop 2 DataTables, find the same title and using WriteRange to write info into new excel file.


First use two read range activity for the excel files to create data tables.
Use two for each row one inside another , and compare the intended information.
If match/no match add the row to a new data table
Write data table to excel


Hi Valli,
First create a variable and initialize it to empty string.
Str = “”
Use “str = str + subStrVal1” in assign activity
Similarly use assign activity for subStrVal2 and subStrVal3.
Set the scope of the str variable properly.
It should work fine.

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Can you come with the full details ,how to build the workflow , i am new to uipath

Thanks in Advance