Get a List(ofString) through a for each Loop in Dictonary Value

i want to update a Dictionary(String, List(ofString)) with a dynamic List which i manipulate in a for each loop after the string manipulation i wanna get the list as value for the specific key. But the Loop overwrite the value for every key. Some ideas how to fix this problem?

Hi @leon96 so u need to append some values to the list ?

i wanna update the value from a Dictionary. The value is a list which i update in every iteration through a for each activity. In the same for each activity i add the updated List in the assign - value activity to the dictonary. But after all the value for every key is the same (the last updated list).

@leon96 Can you give us a more clear understanding of what you actually want to do, Maybe with a Sample Input and output. You can also provide us with the workflow you have created so that we may be able to modify and give a proper output.

Also What is the Purpose of intIndex variable? Also Can you also Expand the Collapsed Update Sequence, It may effect the flow.

i found a solution. :slight_smile:
I just forgot to create for each value a new List(Of String). That was the reason why he overwrites the value for every Key.

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