GenericValue To DataTable

I got a vari table with “screen scrapping”. type “generic value”. How do I convert it to data table. (There are 10 columns, I only want to get 1 of them)


you can use Generate data Table Activity


Hello @d.ulutas ,

  1. Use generate data Table activity to convert your Sting to Data Table.
  2. Use outDT = outDT.DefaultView.ToTable(“False”,Column1) - to keep only required 1 column in your Data Table.

Note : If you need few more columns add it after Column1 in outDT.DefaultView.ToTable(“False”,Column1) & make it as “true” if u want to get unique values only.


What do you mean by screen scraping? The built-in wizard and activities DO give you a datatable back. And in general you shouldn’t use Generic Value.

Give more detail on what you’re trying to do, and show us your code (paste screenshots here) so we can actually help you.