Generic Value Datatype Variable - Issue with accented characters

i have a workflow that has to take an input file of links and have to download pdf files from the links but some of the links are having accented characters like this “à, è, ì, ò, ù, À, È, Ì, Ò, Ù” which it is not recognizing by the variable that is given as generic value.
what could be the problem in this case?

we would recommend to elaborate more about the details as some unclear parts exist

an URL is encoding such chars. So we hope the Link text and URL is not mismatched in the description. Also, how looks a detailed sample/content of the text file and what was modeled so far in the implementation?

@ppr i don’t get it but, as i am saying that that workflow is downloading the URL having non accented chars only.


we dont see the limitiation of generic value datatype and accented characters

However as mentioned some additional (not repeated) details would help us.

hi @ppr accented characters are not the issue here
the issue is it is taking the url as it is. but, whenever the accented character starts it is stop taking the remaining link as you can see in the example

e.g: actual link: korean_stl_D’orean.pdf
it is taking as: korean_stl_D’

and it stop taking after that single qoute not only single qoute if it is the char “à” it will also stop is this an error or something?

could really use some help

better to help us for understanding with the requested details

Also have a look here:

i forgot to mention we are not giving input urls in for each row or in automation
we are placing the urls manually in input dailog
is it gonna effect such type of issues?


Kindly note:

we can better help, when the requested details are shared with us. Thanks for support

As i mentioned we created a tool which is basically asks for the urls. which we provide in input dialog and it will download the pdfs and create a word document along with it and it converts to pdf. then they both will get merged and give the output as single pdf
this is the process