Generic Actions Requests: Get All Data from All Tasks

I manage to get a data of a task using its ID in Action Center via HTTP request, where the HTTP request requires Task ID to perform the request. However, I would like to get all tasks’ data, not only one via HTTP request. How could I perform this? Thanks

Alhamdulillah, just found the answer, instead of using Generic Actions Requests, I used Actions Requests where I can retrieve all Document Validation Tasks in Actions. Settings as follows:

Endpoint:[Organization ID]/[Tenant Name]/odata/Tasks/UiPath.Server.Configuration.OData.GetTasksAcrossFoldersForAdmin

OR[Organization ID]/[Tenant Name]/odata/Tasks/UiPath.Server.Configuration.OData.GetTasksAcrossFolders

Authorization: Bearer [Bearer Token]

@odata.context”: “$metadata#Tasks”,
@odata.count”: ,
“value”: [{
“Status”: “Unassigned”,
“TaskCatalogName”: null,
“IsCompleted”: false,
“BulkFormLayoutId”: null,
“FormLayoutId”: null,
“Title”: "
“Type”: “DocumentValidationTask”,
“Priority”: “Medium”,
“AssignedToUserId”: null,
“OrganizationUnitId”: ,
“ExternalTag”: null,
“CreatorJobKey”: "
“WaitJobKey”: null,
“IsDeleted”: true,
“DeleterUserId”: *,
“DeletionTime”: “2022-01-11T11:05:20.14Z”,
“LastModificationTime”: “2022-01-07T08:11:02.97Z”,
“LastModifierUserId”: *,
“CreationTime”: “2022-01-07T08:07:01.423Z”,
“CreatorUserId”: *,
“Id”: *,

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