Generating test result for regression suite

I have created a regression bot for our app. Each testcase is stored in one state machine, test executes one after another, so the next state will execute even though there’s an system error.

Result for each testcase (Pass/failed) is generated using append line. Now I’m required to include the regression test result in my log filename.

For example: if I have 10 testcases in my test suite, and 1 or 2 failed, my log filename should state "smoketest_2020.01.10_FAILED.txt "; if all 10 testcases passed, it should be “smoketest_2020.01.10_PASSED.txt”.

Can anyone suggest what activities I should use?

Just a general note - there isn’t really any point in just marking “SOLVED” without providing the solution used to solve it.

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