Generating Array

Hello People!!

There is a file with a name like Sanjay0720-0521

These Numbers are nothing but 0720 is July 2020, 0521 is May 2021

My question is, after getting 07-20 and 05-21 from the file name, can we generate an array like this dynamically by using libraries available?!

Expected Result -

Aray variable = Jul-2020,Aug-2020,… Till May-2021

Thanks in Advance!!

in general we can do it within assign by using Enumerable.Range

sample can be adopted to your case very quickly

Hi @ppr

Thanks for your response, Could you please explain me a bit more!!


sure we will help you on this

can you please tell us more details
what is the expected array datatype. String?

Yes, String.

have a look on following:

Regex for retrieving the date parts:

Parse start/enddate

Calculate Month Diff:

Generate series:


Find starter help here:
GenerateDateStringSeries.xaml (6.4 KB)

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Thanks @ppr,Solution works!!

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