Hi all am working on Generate Yearly Report in this file getting download using create Yearly report workflow but the thing is the downloaded file getting saved in the download folder not in Re framework Temp folder what is the way to change this!

have used attach window too! oops something wrong i don’t know whats that

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Check the value assign in report file path in Assign.
"Above type into " , there only path is assign , if you need any modifications , change it there.
Also put log message and reportfilepath , to know which path it is referring.

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Actually i found the path where it gets downloaded!
my question is i have the assigned the path value as temp folder but it gets downloading in default download folder of system.

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Hi @naveen19,

Greetings!! :grinning:

What i understand here is your workflow is correct but, when you are trying to download it does not refers to the path you have specified.

This can be a problem from the browser.

When you are using chrome, the default setting is to download directly in ‘Downloads’ folder.
Check in the chrome settings that ‘ask where to save each file before downloading’ is ON.

This will ask for download location every time you download a file. This way you can provide the new path to save the file.
Also just make sure you are passing the correct path for saving.
Let me know if this works!!

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But the thing is when I do manually dialogue box is appearing by asking where to save
When running the main it’s gets simply downloaded during the automation that dialogue box is not appearing where to save & my browser settings is ON as u said .
He can I solve this

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@ Chandu
am i want to change the path here? for this assigment alone?


This is not recommended, because you have to change your browser setting again once you design a new workflow.
Since your settings for ‘ask where to save each file before downloading’ is ON this should work fine. But i don’t understand why the pop is not being asked in workflow.

Please share your workflow so that we can get it resolved.

i have changed the download path too but still its not working bro :frowning: i share the workflow and since its too large not getting attached can you please share the mail id & am sorry making you truble :frowning:

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