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While doing generate yearly report we need to use check whether the next page exist or not using click activity in process transaction so as per the document instruction i have used aaname as +in_TranscationNumber.ToString+ but selector status shows as invalid . so please help me to solve that for your ref i attach the screenshot. and one more doubt is please explain me about dynamic selector and why we are going by static arguments as already defined in uipath re framework activity?

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when we are trying to pass variable into selector it will show you in the same way.
Use to click on selector filed in properties panel and pass dynamic selectors.

use below selector
hope this will helps you.

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Copy your selector
Create one string type of variable
Use assign stage
And assign selector to string varibale

TranscationItem or a TranscationNumber? its again invalid

Tried not working

Just assign some value like 1 or 2 or 3 and then run the work flow

  1. drag ‘Element exists Activity’
  2. click on ‘selector’ from properties panel
  3. pass you selector as string into it.

Try it.

Yeah solved, but the doubt is they gave in pdf string but we have a argument is in_transcationItem.
so can u explain the diff?


It should be number…

am i want to create a IN type argument? as in_TransccarrionNumber and datatype as int32? and what should be a default value?

Or you can assign any

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