GenerateDataTable via "Get Visible Text"

Hello together,

i am quite new with UI-Path and i was not able to find any solution for my case. So i am trying so get some help here.

I have a process which is generating a Data Table out of an “Get visible Text” activitie (via Screen Scrapping out of SAP (checking workflows)) I create the Data Table, filter it, so that i will have only on row and item at the end (a number). The output of the filtered Data Table, has a different variable and will be assigned as a string.

So far everything is working fine, and the project is doing what it should. Using the variable for upcoming tasks and so on. The Problem i now have is the following.

The whole process (creating the Data Table and filter it, etc.) has to run x-times. So when it runs again, UIPath needs to generate a table again (with actual values). with the second run, following error message appears “There is no row at position 0”. So in the second run he is not finding any information. I dont know why, and i am also not able to solve this problem. It is not possible to use the table out of the first run, i always have to create a new one, because the information out of the “Get visible Text” is changing after each run.

I hope my problem is understandable, if not please just ask me, so that i give more information.