Generate yearly roport



It’s was struggling to select the status option so I added the element appear for complete…

Okey it stoped but I think I ran out of data :rofl: Darn it



I dont think that is required. Just use the aaname attribute and pass the status dynamically to the element.

It should work smoothly.


I just refreshed data let’s see if I get lucky :sweat_smile:


Yay new problem :sweat_smile::cry:


your substring logic is incorrect. :slight_smile:
or your get text did not work. try and print the variables and see if the index is correct.
You can debug this flow independently and see what is happening.


I ran the debug and now it’s running :thinking:


no index issue? gettext works fine?


Yes haha can you understand my frustration haha one moment everything works next it doesn’t


My laptop might go through a window soon :rofl:




Can I maybe just share the project with you and take a look I’m not asking you to fix it just to point out exactly wat might be wrong


ok can you send it in a PM?


Yes😊 and thank you so much


Il send it through as soon it runs into another problem maybe I’m lucky and it works haha


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