Generate yearly roport



for those title will be just title='ACME System 1 - Reports - Download Monthly Report - Internet Exp*';


And for the other sequences like update work item and upload


i think you should re-indicate the activities as rather than editing the title. Activities can be on anther page so can fail.


That’s why I’m removing the title because they change can I send you my project so you can take a look as I have no one else that is doing this in my area?


i thin you should not remove the titel. rather indicate it and make it dynamic.
or you can just keep title=‘ACME System 1*’ this much.


I will try that at this stage I’m just pulling strors and hope I get lucky


Hi Nadim

I have gotten the process to run smoothly for 3-5 transactions and then will go into a hanging state again

Any thoughts


If I run just the create yearly report and have it loop straight from there it will run through all the transactions


have you any error in your output panel when it happens?


Not at all it will just hang and start the process over again from log in


Even running it in debug no errors appear it’s very strange


nope,it will have some error in the logs im sure. Once it hangs and starts again can you stop it and look at the Output panel?




It’s been hanging here for about 3 min on the 3rd transaction il send the out put now. But doesn’t always get stuck here sometimes half way through a transaction


Wat is strange to me is that it will run through it afew times before it gets stuck


if you see the logs it has faulted for OnElementAppear in the 1st screen.


But why is it that it will work sometimes. I’m running the test again and got through that on element appear and I have changed nothing


is the update happening? for the 5 transactions?


It’s now in the 4th and running smoothly so far


ok, lets see where it faults.
By the way what are you doing in the OnElementAppear A?