Generate Yearly Report - when running extremly slow


I’m working on the Advanced training - generate yearly report.
I’m trying to test and build the performer, but when it is downloading the monthly reports, the first three months goes really fast, so it select January February and march really fast in the dropdown menu and accordingly download the monthly report if it is available correctly, but after that it takes like 5 minutes per month… it goes crazy slowly to select the month and click on the download button only these two actions… does anybody have an idea why?
Like this I cannot complete the exercise or academy, there or like 10 months per vendor (so I had 9 items) I don’t think it is normal that it takes so long time??

This issue has been reported before. Please see: Academy 2, Assignment 2 - #9 by Bolletje

What helps is to play with the WaitForReady setting and set it to ‘None’.
It will be a temporary fix to quickly run through this assignment. I have experienced similar behavior with the Data Scraping (retrieving a data table); executing this activity sometimes also takes a significant amount of time.


Thank you!